College of Humanities and Social Sciences


The College was founded on August 1st, 2004 with the long term goal of 1) to nurture students who not only have an interest in humanities and social sciences, but also value theory and life application; 2) to build on and promote the school’s vision of “focusing on people, caring for lives”; 3) to enrich students’ body, mind, and spirit, to build humanistic qualities and quality school culture.

In terms of educational goals, the Applied English department aims to build up students’ English communication skills, professional information/knowledge in English, and provide a comprehensive English learning environment. The Geriatric Welfare and Business department aims to train professional personnel for the service sectors catered to the elderly; its purpose is to provide management and administrative personnel in charge of elderly living, elderly care services, social work and counseling for the elderly, and other elderly related services.  The Cultural Business and Development department aims to develop students’ abilities in culture-based creative thinking and technology-usage, so that they can train in cultural business management and contribute in the culture (creative) business world.


Furthermore, the three departments have provided 10 electives in different Colleges for students to choose. The elective courses are designed to help improve students’ future employment, to increase students’ licensing tests passing rate, to strengthen off-campus internship and counseling system, to build better collaboration/cooperation with the industrial business world, and to protect students’ future employment rights and opportunities.



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